About Hedebostien

The recreational trail Hedebostien provides the people of the Capital Region with a green link on the shortest route that connects Roskilde Fjord and Køge Bay. Hedebostien is 23 km long, and was inaugurated in spring 2016.

The idea behind Hedebostien is to provide better access to a number of large natural areas and valuable countryside, while creating important new contexts, links and activities.

On route visitors pass Roskilde's Viking ships, before proceeding to Hedeland. They then pass through the new Tune Forest, past the Karlstrup Limestone Quarry and down to Trylle Forest at Solrød Beach. In addition to providing walkers, joggers, cyclists and equestrians with great outdoor experiences, the greenway also tells the story of the cultural and historical vestiges, which it traverses.

You can learn more about the trail with the app, which includes small games for children, and from information signs along the route. The information signs include both English and German translations.

Hedebostien is a recreational nature trail with a gravel surface. So expect uneven surfaces and puddles in the wet winter season. In many places the trail leads through state-owned forest areas with forest paths. In other places the route follows public tarmac roads.

You can take the train back to your point of departure at either end of the trail. Transfer between S-trains and regional trains in either Køge or Ølby.

The trail has received a great amount of local support. It owes its existence, for example, to positive cooperation and voluntary agreements with owners of land along the route. The trail has a wide variety of users and many people live along it. So, whether you are walking, cycling or riding, please show respect.